Professional Negligence

Professional negligence occurs when a professional performs his or her duties in an improper manner which ultimately causes careless damage or harm. There are no limitations as to which profession can come under a professional negligence claim. There are a wide variety of professions that are open to litigation and subject to professional claims and these professions can include solicitors, doctors, nurses, accountants architects, engineers, insurance brokers and agents, financial institutions, financial advisors, estate agents and a number of other professions

Negligence Compensation Claims

All professionals, whether it is a builder or a Doctor, must meet a certain standard of work practices and care. If a professional’s negligence has resulted in a personal injury or has caused you harm, that professional or their employer can be held accountable for their actions.

Professional Negligence ClaimIf you think that you have been a victim of professional negligence then you have the right to recover the losses, harm or damage incurred as a result of professional negligence. If you would like to make a professional negligence claim then call us and we can help. We will carefully evaluate your case and offer professional compensation claims advice to answer any questions and concerns that you may have











Professional Negligence

No Win No Fee Negligence Claim