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In the UK, thousands of UK drivers are involved in low speed accidents every year. A large portion of these low speed accidents result in whiplash compensation claim due to an injury sustained from an accident. These are injuries from minor whiplash pains to more severe and chronic pains most of which warrant the instigation of a whiplash injury claim. These are whiplash compensation for injuries that cannot be detected by the usual methods of X-rays. Despite the pain, dizziness and restricted motion in the neck felt by whiplash, the X Ray usually fails to detect the problem in the neck. .

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If you have been involved in a low speed accident then it is important that you get in contact with us immediately to discuss the possibility of a whiplash injury claim, regardless whether you feel immediate whiplash injury claimsymptoms of the accident. These injuries are real and have been observed by us numerous times. Although they are not obvious un the X-rays, they can add significant disruption in your life. That can mean that you are restricted to carry out your work in your job, especially if you have a labor intensive job. Whiplash injury can affect you even if you are simply working on a computer doing tasks such as data entry or whatever else. You can have difficulty holding your neck in position due to the whiplash injuries sustained from an accident and the disruption can affect you adversely.

Although whiplash injuries can be hard to prove through X-Rays, it is important that you see your doctor and document all the symptoms and the difficulties that you are facing as a result of the accident. Make clear notes of the level of restrictions the symptoms and the pain that has been introduced in your life and the difficulty of doing specific tasks. We can use this documentation to help you progress a whiplash compensation claim and to help you obtain a suitable compensation settlement from your insurer. Communicate regularly with your doctor about your symptoms and talk to us to help you achieve a whiplash compensation claim payout that you deserve













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